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Rule books and constitutions

Anarchist Federation Aims and Principles (current)

General Assembly minutes from Occupy Wall Street, Oakland and London

Industrial Workers of the World USA Regional Administration, UK Regional Administration

Radical Routes Aims and Principles

Solidarity Federation UK

How to set up a housing and worker coop

Pamphlets on anarchist organising

Anarchist research networks, portals and publishing

Political Studies Association (UK), Anarchist Studies Network

North American Anarchist Studies Network

Manchester University Press, Contemporary Anarchist Studies monograph series

Libcom –  ‘archive of over 20,000 articles contributed our 10,000+ users ranging from history and biographies to theoretical texts, complete books and pamphlets.’ 

AK Press. A worker collective dedicated to publishing radical literature, based in Edinburgh and Oakland

PM Press. Independent publisher and distributor of activist oriented books and other publications

CrimethInc. Alliance, network, think tank