Ruth Kinna


I joined the Loughborough University Department of Politics, History and International Relations in 1992. I graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a BA History and Politics and completed an SSRC-funded doctorate at Nuffield College Oxford (1991).

My research falls within Loughborough University’s Communication, Culture and Citizenship Research Challenge and, in the School, in the Social and Political Theory strand of the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture.  I work in the history of ideas specialising in nineteenth and early twentieth-century socialist thought and contemporary radical politics, particularly anarchism. I am a board member of the Sexual Politics Research Group Network (SPRiG-Net) and a member of the Loughborough University Nationalism Network (LUNN).

I have been editor of the journal Anarchist Studies since 2008. In 2014 I became series editor for Rowman and Littlefield’s Radical Subjects in International Politics: Action and Activism.

I have been a regular contributor to the London-based STRIKE! Magazine, have been a discussant on BBC Radio 4’s Ideas in Our Time and BBC Radio 3’s Nightwaves. I have also contributed to permanent interview exhibit at the William Morris Gallery, London.

Alex Prichard


I was appointed lecturer in International Relations at the University of Exeter in 2012. I was previously LSE Fellow in International Political Theory (2010-2012), an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Bristol (2009-2010), and before that a Teaching Fellow and Research Officer at the University of Bath (2008-2009).

In 2005 I co-founded the PSA Anarchist Studies Network, and in 2012 I co-founded and now co-edit the monograph series ‘Contemporary Anarchist Studies’, published by Manchester University Press and distributed in the USA by Oxford University Press. The series is the only one dedicated to contemporary writing on anarchist theory and practice. Full details on how to submit manuscript proposals can be found on the MUP website.

I gained my PhD from Loughborough University in 2008 for my thesis on the international political theory of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. This brought together my two main areas of research: International Relations theory and anarchist theory. Most recently I have been working on the concept of anarchy in IR theory and the relationship between the anarchist language of domination and cognates in the neo-Republican literature in political theory. A piece linking anarchy in IR theory with anarchist conceptions of anarchy can be found here, and a forthcoming piece on the concept of anarchy in IR theory can be found here.

Thomas swann

thomas swann

I completed my PhD at the University of Leicester School of Management in September 2015. Prior to that, I gained an MA in Social and Political Philosophy from Radboud University Nijmegen in 2010 and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Glasgow in 2008.

My research has examined the connections between anarchism and organisational cybernetics, aiming to develop ‘anarchist cybernetics’ as a framework for understanding radical left social movement organisation. More broadly, this included looking at the nature of autonomy in anarchist organisation, the relationship between tactics, strategy and grand strategy and the ways in which communication can be understood in a radical left context. An important element of this work focused on the notion of alternative social media.