These are some of the articles that have been written in the press about the project and that we have written ourselves for non-academic publications.

In English

Whither anarchy: freedom as non-dominationThe Conversation (5 August 2016)

Iceland’s crowd-sourced constitution: hope for disillusioned voters everywhereThe Conversation (28 October 2016) (republished by Time Magazine, and ScienceNordic)

Experts working to help countries “crowd source” their constitutionsPolitics Home (28 October 2016) (we didn’t come up with the headline by the way)

What the Yes campaign can learn from Iceland, Occupy and anarchyCommonSpace (1 November 2016)

Anarchy in the USA: five years on, the legacy of Occupy Wall Street and what it can teach us in the Age of TrumpThe Conversation (10 November 2016) (republished by The Political Anthropologist and RawStory)

ASN 2016 Conference report backMedia Action Research Group (15 November 2016)

In Other languages

Mik­il­vægt að ræða hlut­verk stjórn­ar­skrá (20 October 2016, Icelandic, ‘Import­ant to discuss the role of constituti­ons’, translation here)