Participatory Theory

The Constitutionalising Anarchy project involves designing and executing a programme of participant action research that will lead to the co-production of empirical research findings with a number of anarchist(ic) groups. Participant action research involves embedded research in which the research questions themselves are discussed and set in communication with the user groups, discovering and recovering ideas ‘for’ and ‘with’ (rather than ‘about’) our research partners.

Everything about the project is developed in partnership with the groups we work with: the research questions, the things we plan to do, the ethics agreement, different types of consent, transparency rules, the publications to come out of the project and almost everything else you can think of. We don’t want to ‘study’ anybody. Rather, what we are committed to developing mutual understandings about how anarchist and anarchistic groups manage conflicts, how they develop processes and principles to do this, and to explore what academic writings in related areas of political philosophy can contribute to these endeavours.